Futures Quotes

When investing in commodities, Northwest Farmland Management understands that your financial success depends on futures quotes. In a risk game, the futures market can help buffer your crop’s income while providing insight that can lower your risk in the upcoming months.

At Northwest Farmland Management, we want to keep you knowledgeable and prepared for all eventualities, so we’ve offered you futures quotes in real time. If you’re in need of up-to-date commodities futures quotes, please visit Bar Chart for the most recent futures changes. During stock exchange hours, Bar Chart Provides an hourly update with the Brugler Report to provide a detailed analysis of the last hour and any notable changes in the market.

We are the leaders in Farmland Management in Walla Walla. And throughout Southern Washington and Northern Oregon. Should you have any questions relating to the Futures Quotes, we’d be happy to help you.

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